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10 Reasons To Revive Your Cooking Skills

Written By: ruchi - Dec• 30•16
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Have you noticed these days that most well-to-do people in urban areas don’t cook for themselves? They either have a part time cook or they go out to eat or they order in. The number of people, who call themselves foodies, is increasing but these foodies only like to eat, not cook. It’s sad that cooking is fast becoming a profession, just a means to earn money.

I strongly believe in the power of cooking at home and here are my reasons:
1. It’s healthy. The reason outside food is more tasty is because it’s laced with fat and spices, which may not always be healthy. When you are cooking yourself, you can always moderate the fat and spices as per the health conditions of the family members.
2. It’s economical. There is no doubt about it that the same plate of kadhi/chawal that you get outside for Rs. 100, can be made at home for less than Rs. 25.
3. It’s more hygienic. You know that the person, who is making the food in not coughing over it, you know the ingredients are fresh, you know that the kitchen is not cockroach infested because you are doing it yourself.
4. It has better vibrations. Spirituality tells us that cooking food with good thoughts has better food value. Anyone cooking for money may not always have good thoughts while cooking and they may not even care about it.
5. Cooking skill is a boon when you are at a place, where the food of your choice is not available. For example in some remote areas or in a foreign country.
6. It unleashes your creativity. There are no set rules in cooking. You can make little changes and serve a totally different meal from the same ingredients. For example you could convert the leftover paranthas into kathi rolls and your family will love the variety.
7. Cooking can get you a lot of compliments. As they say, a man’s heart goes through his stomach.
8. To some people, it’s a therapy. They love to serve good food to others. It gives them satisfaction. It also takes their minds off from some of the issues that they may be facing in their life.
9. Cooking can be a great activity for bonding with friends and family. People remember personally made food for ages.
10. It’s a great way to show your family that you care.
I am not saying that you must cook all the time no matter what. Don’t kill yourself just to find time for cooking but yes, if you want a healthy and happy family, serving them home cooked meal is a great idea.