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This is a ceremony in which mother’s brother aka Mama, brings gifts for bride/groom. This ceremony takes place on both sides. This ceremony is done before the wedding day because some of the gift items from this ceremony are worn by the bride early morning on the wedding day. How is it performed Traditionally a […]

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Early morning on the day of the wedding, bride wears the toe nails brought by her Mama. Then Kangna is tied in her left hand. Kangna is basically kalava, which is tied around the hand. Then seven married women tie seven knots in the thread, one knot each. The mother gives 4 laddoos each to […]

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Wedding Mehndi

The day before the wedding, on both sides the mehndi ceremony takes place. How is it performed Mehndi is supposed to be auspicious in all Indian celebrations, especially a wedding. Bride’s palms and feet are decorated with Mehndi and the other girls in the family also put mehndi on their hands. It is customary to […]

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Ladies Sangeet

No Indian ceremony is complete without dance and music. Ladies Sangeet is the celebration of the upcoming wedding, in which they sing songs for the bride and the groom. How is it performed Traditionally, all the women in the family or neighborhood gather two three days before the wedding and sing the wedding songs and […]

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