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Ghur Charhi

Ghur Charhi ceremony takes place only at the groom’s place. The tradition is to send the groom off on a horse to get the bride. He cannot come back home without the bride. How is it performed Whether the wedding is local or Baarat has to go to some other city, Ghur Charhi is done […]

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Madha signifies the beginning of the wedding ceremonies. What is needed? A few dry bamboos, earthen bowls, sweets and mathri and kalava. How is it performed? Madha is tied before any wedding ceremonies begin. The bamboo sticks are tied together and earthen bowls are hung on each side of the bamboo with sweets and mathri […]

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Thape & Halad

Thape is the ceremony of groom’s and bride’s mothers making palm impressions on the wall. Halad is about grinding the spices and the grains. What is needed? Big white plain paper, ghee, roli paste, 4 vessels, dry turmeric (not the powder), Rock salt (not the powder), Dhaan, Jau (barley), a vessel in which these will […]

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