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Labor is cheap (and unprofessional)

One of the most touted benefits of living in India is that you get cheap labor to get your day to day tasks done. Very true, but be aware, you get what you pay for (most of the times). People call themselves carpenter, wiring specialist, plumber, electricians and gardener but the only competency they have […]

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It’s a Metro!

We moved to our new apartment last week, yeaaaaaaaay. For past few days, I have been on my feet the whole day, getting the stuff moved, unpacked and placed at proper place and my feet still hurt ;-(. Yesterday was the first day when I was at home alone and decided to take it easy. […]

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Maharani or Naukrani

As we decided to move to India, 6 months ago, I called up a friend, who moved to India for a few years and then moved back to US again. I wanted to get some tips from her as to what her experience was and what are the things to keep in mind. She summed […]

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