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Maharani or Naukrani

Written By: ruchi - Oct• 02•12

As we decided to move to India, 6 months ago, I called up a friend, who moved to India for a few years and then moved back to US again. I wanted to get some tips from her as to what her experience was and what are the things to keep in mind. She summed up her experience in one line. She said that by moving from India to US, “Main maharani se naukrani ban gayi”. She was referring to the household help she had in India, which made her feel like a Maharani. Now back in US, she has to do everything herself so she feels like a Naukrani. Pretty funny, but it was her heart-felt sentiment.

The thought of becoming a Maharani was encouraging (not that it swayed our decision in any way). Anyways, we moved to India about 2 months ago. I am still living with the family back home and yet to move to our own apartment. Strange thing is that everybody around me tells me how I need to be careful of the household help as they can’t be trusted and that they and their neighbors have been cheated by them multiple times. I have been also told to not to wear any jewelry when walking alone on the road or going in rickshaw etc. as the state of law and order is not that great here.
I have yet to form my own opinions about all these things but that will happen in due course of time. In the mean time, if I go with the advice I am getting, I think I will be a jewelry-less fearful Maharani at best. Oxymoronic, isn’t it? Not sure if I like the sound of it. I would rather be a peaceful Naukrani. What do you think?