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My Class 12 Result

I was always the brightest student of my class growing up in Rishikesh. Since my father and brother both graduated from Roorkee University (now IIT Roorkee), I too appeared in the entrance exam for Roorkee University along with my UP Board class 12 exams. The results of the entrance exam came first and I was […]

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10 Reasons To Revive Your Cooking Skills

Have you noticed these days that most well-to-do people in urban areas don’t cook for themselves? They either have a part time cook or they go out to eat or they order in. The number of people, who call themselves foodies, is increasing but these foodies only like to eat, not cook. It’s sad that […]

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My 1 year report card

It’s been a year that we moved back to India and here are how things stand (in the decreasing order of importance): Health I fall sick more often Family Have rest of the family but miss Tushar Job Exciting Fun Activities Delhi is a happening place Weather Nothing can beat bay area weather Time For […]

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Position and connections is everything

In India most people don’t value other people unless they know them. They only value the position and the connections of a person. For some reason, the normal processes just do not work smoothly. If you want to get your work done, you need to get the orders from the top brass. For example, the […]

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Why do we like dark characters?

Last week I went to a few local events, finally! Saw an English play, a Hindi play and went to Comic Con. I was desperate to go to the events but couldn’t get any company so I decided to venture out alone and it all worked out great. I have seen a lot of plays […]

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