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Position and connections is everything

Written By: Ruchi - Apr• 25•13

In India most people don’t value other people unless they know them. They only value the position and the connections of a person. For some reason, the normal processes just do not work smoothly. If you want to get your work done, you need to get the orders from the top brass.

For example, the LPG cylinder that gets delivered to your home for cooking is almost always underweight. You complain to the agency and they promise to send you the right weight cylinder but they never do and in the end you run out of patience and use up that same underweight cylinder. On the other hand if you know a hot shot at the top, you call them up and the right weight cylinder will be on your doorsteps next day at your convenience. That same agency person who ignored your numerous legit requests before, will bend backwards to please you because now his job is on the line. I don’t understand, why on earth does he not pay attention to the legit requests in the first place? Don’t answer, it’s a rhetorical question. It’s simple greed and this is not a one off incident, it happens every day in every walk of your life here.
Basically if you want to survive in this country, you have two choices. One, you accept everything as it is and hope that everything works out, which normally does but it’s less than optimal. Two, you pull your position and connections. I hate both the choices but unfortunately there is no other choice. Oh wait, I almost forgot. There is a third choice, you can bribe the person. Sad but true.