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Maharani or Naukrani

As we decided to move to India, 6 months ago, I called up a friend, who moved to India for a few years and then moved back to US again. I wanted to get some tips from her as to what her experience was and what are the things to keep in mind. She summed […]

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Being Hungry

We came back to India in our own apartment in Rosewoods Society. We have lots of memories associated with this apartment, some bitter, some sweet. I still remember that when we got the possession of this apartment in January of 1991, there was no electricity connection in the complex because Society administration refused to pay […]

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Finding the digs

We are trying to find a place to live for more than 6 weeks now and we still don’t have a lease. The main issue is that we want to rent a place with large bedrooms so that we can use it as a work place too. I think one needs that in a joint […]

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Newspaper Special

Unlike bay area in California, reading physical newspaper is still in fashion in India. Surprisingly, the quality of the paper of the newspaper is much better in India than in US, which could be one of the reasons that people still like to read it. Look at the US newspaper below: And the Indian newspaper […]

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Ah, the rains…

Yesterday I took a rickshaw to go to a neighborhood shop. While coming back it started raining and I was scrambling to protect myself in that rickshaw with a very small hood when I realized that there is no need. It’s hot and I am going home. It does not matter if I get wet […]

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