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Ghur Charhi

Written By: Ruchi - Apr• 04•15

Ghur Charhi ceremony takes place only at the groom’s place. The tradition is to send the groom off on a horse to get the bride. He cannot come back home without the bride.

Ghur Charhi
How is it performed

Whether the wedding is local or Baarat has to go to some other city, Ghur Charhi is done just before Baaraat leaves for the bride’s place. A decorated horse is brought. The groom wears a pink dupatta and a pagdi with a kalgi. The groom climbs on the horse and then all the women in the family do Tilak to the groom. These days the Tilak is done before the groom climbs the horse.

Groom’s Bhabhi puts kaajal in groom’s eyes and she gets a gift (generally money) from the mother. Then the groom is taken to the temple. Groom’s Jija holds the reins of the horse and the Mother gives him gift (generally money) for that. The horse is fed gud and chana.
Baarat goes to the bride’s place with a band in a procession. Near the bride’s place, baarati dance a lot. Bride’s family welcomes the Baaratis. Everyone is given a flower or a garland. Fathers, Chachas and Mamas from both sides hug each other.

Groom is taken to a center stage. Bride’s Bhabhi or elder sister does Aarti of the groom. Then she performs Tilak and feeds him sweets.
Then the bride comes to the stage with her friends. Both Groom and Bride exchange flower garlands, which is called Jaymala. After that all the guests congratulate the couple and give gift to them. It’s customary for the guests of groom to give gifts to groom’s side and the guests of bride to give gifts to the bride side. Lot of pictures are taken with everyone and in parallel the food is served. After all this Phere are done in a mandap and a priest takes care of all the rituals of the pheras.