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First week, after moving back to Delhi

Written By: ruchi - Aug• 03•12

After spending 20 years in California, we moved back to Delhi. Staying with parents in law. It’s a big change in terms of weather, traffic and culture.

It’s the beginning of August so it’s hot and humid. In the very first week we saw two major power grid failures. Did not get to run AC for many hours, fortunately in the day time only. It’s 90% humidity, I can’t keep my hair down.

As soon as you step out of the apartment, the first thing that hits you is the unruly and really noisy traffic. Second, slippers or sandals do not protect your feet enough from dirt and everything else on the road, you need good walking shoes. Third, you don’t need a moisturizing cream any more. The weather is so humid that if you wear a cream, it will actually look too oily. Fourth, the door bell and phones don’t stop ringing ;-). Fifth, the maid is already complaining about the increased number of utensils she needs to wash. Oh well.

Having said that, I feel comfortable. I can talk to anyone in the neighborhood without feeling like an intruder. I am rediscovering the fruits that I haven’t had in years, like Jamun. I am enjoying the frenzy of festivals, the temporary sweet shops, the temporary rakhi shops and so on.

All in all, it’s a roller coaster ride. One moment I feel good and the next moment I feel frustrated. Hoping that it will become more feel-good and less of frustration. Only time will tell…