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Written By: Ruchi - Nov• 23•12

In US we used to live in Fremont, in a nice quiet area. As Tushar grew up, he often told us that Fremont is a dead city, there was nothing happening there. He said that there is nothing to do outside the house and that he wanted to work in the city where there is always something happening. Even after a bit of probing, I didn’t quite understand what he meant. I always felt that there are so many places to go like movies, restaurants, malls etc. What does he mean that there is nothing happening?

Anyways, now that we are in Delhi, pretty settled, I see ads in the newspaper or hear them on radio everyday about what’s happening in Delhi. I keep telling Anil that I want to see this play, or attend that dance festival or go to the trade fair etc. And then it dawned on me as to what Tushar meant all those years ago. Delhi is a *happening* place. There is so much to do. If you have good company and you want to spend a day outside your home, there is a ton of stuff happening all around. There are plays, art galleries, exhibitions, trade fairs, book fairs, handicrafts fair, dance festivals, fashion shows, cricket matches, formula one racing and so on. I guess I am a little slow ;-).
I haven’t started going to all these places yet but I intend to.
BTW, I drive stick shift like natives now 😉

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