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Written By: Ruchi - Nov• 26•14

Traditionally Sagai is held a few months before the wedding but these days it takes place around the wedding itself because relatives don’t like to come too many times from far away. Sagai is performed at a place arranged by groom’s family. Groom’s family takes care of all the arrangements like lunch/dinner/snacks depending on the time of the ceremony. Traditionally from bride’s side, only bride’s Chacha, brother and kids go for the ceremony but nowadays the whole of bride’s family goes.

How is it performed

Bride’s family takes with them whatever gifts they want to give to the new couple including any furniture. Tradition is to also give at least 11 thaal (big steel plates) and 1 paraat (a vessel to knead the dough) filled with sweets and boondi laddus but nowadays since these big vessels are not used in a modern kitchen people avoid it and the sweets are packed in boxes since that’s more convenient. At least 11 kg of sweets and 20 kg of laddus are given along with all sorts of dry fruits. Clothes for groom, groom’s father and groom’s younger siblings are also given. It’s also a tradition to give some toys for toddlers.

Gifts from Bride's side
Bride’s brother performs Tilak to groom with roli, rice, coconut and sweets. Gifts like gold chain, watch, ring, cash etc. are also given at this time.
Groom’s family sends back at least 4 sarees, jewelry as per ones desire and a makeup kit for the bride. Clothes for younger siblings and sweets are also sent back for the bride’s family.

Return Gifts