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The Green Bird!

Written By: Ruchi - May• 31•14
Last December, Tushar, Anil and I were roaming around the Qutub Minar when suddenly Tushar exclaimed, “Ma look, the green birds”! I turned around perplexed, what is he talking about. He points to a huge tree, “Look there”. I looked and spotted a bunch of parrots on the tree. I laughed and dismissed it rightaway, “Oh those? Those are parrots, a very common bird found in India”. “But it’s so green. I have never seen a bird like this except in the zoo”, insisted Tushar but we laughed it away.
The green bird
Later in the day something struck me. We go to the bird sanctuaries wishing to catch a glimpse of some exotic birds (which we never find, BTW) and here we are with these brightly colored beautiful birds right in our own backyard and we don’t even look at them twice. In fact this applies to everything in life. We discount everything we have and crave for the things that are ever elusive.
Don’t know if I can start seeing everything through this new found lens just yet but I definitely have a new admiration for this little green bird. They are so beautiful. How silly of me to ignore them for so long. Thank you Tushar for giving me a new perspective.