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The Rooh Afza Story

Written By: Ruchi - Oct• 24•13
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This is a funny story from a long time ago. I moved to Delhi after I got married. It was summer time. My husband’s 2 younger brothers used to live with him at that time. These guys used to drink tea in the evening. I on the other hand was used to drinking something cold. I was also a little shy so I didn’t ask these guys to get me my favorite orange squash bottle. I looked around in the kitchen and found a Rooh Afza bottle. At that time, I used to hate Rooh Afza because I found it to be too sweet but ‘marti kya na karti’ I thought at least I can have something cold. So I started drinking Rooh Afza.

The routine continued for a few days and the bottle was almost empty. I thought that when it finishes, we will go and get an orange squash bottle because by now these guys were well aware that I like cold drinks. I was patiently waiting for it to finish when something unexpected happened. One day my husband came back from the office and handed me a new bottle of Rooh Afza. He noticed that the bottle was almost over so he bought another one before it got over. I was speechless. I did not know what to do, be happy that my husband is so caring or be upset that now I have to drink that same stupid thing for another month or so?
I couldn’t bear the thought of drinking another bottle of Rooh Afza so I told him that I absolutely hated it. He was surprised but understood when I explained. Anyways, we went back and exchanged it for an orange squash bottle. It was soooooo funny.