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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Written By: ruchi - Jul• 29•17
The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I recently got an opportunity to listen to the audio book – The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I really liked it and for my own benefit I wrote down some notes. So here they are:

Universe is tuned to your thoughts. You are the masterpiece of your life. Everything around you – people, things or events, you have attracted them yourself. We all do it by default.

Best way to attract something is to change our thoughts. We think about sixty thousand thoughts a day. So that looks like a lot of work but it’s not. There is an easy way and that is through our feelings. Thoughts cause feelings. We know the bad feeling from the good feeling. Bad feeling is bad frequency. Good feelings make you feel good. When you celebrate good feelings, that’s what you will attract. If you are feeling good, you are creating a future that is on a good path. If you live in worry and fear it is going to bring more of that in your life. You get what you are feeling. A little shift in the emotion can change your life completely.

Feel healthy, feel prosperous and feel that love is surrounding you even if it is not there. The universe will correspond to the thoughts of your soul and manifest. Whatever you focus on and feel, that’s what you attract. Shift your awareness. It is really important that you feel good because then universe will give you more to feel good.

If you are not feeling good, change that emotion by playing music, thinking of someone you love, smiling for no reason and you will start feeling good. That’s how you can deliberately create your life by using The Secret.

You must have read the story of the Aladdin and the Lamp. Aladdin picks up the lamp, dusts it off and out pops the Genie. Genie always says, “Your wish is my command”. Apply it to you. Universe is the Genie, the God, the higher self. You are the Aladdin.

The creative process of law of attraction:

  1. Ask: Decide what you want and let the universe know. Sit down and write it in present tense. Just place your order from the catalog of the universe.
  2. Believe: Believe that it’s already yours. The unwavering faith. The universe will start to rearrange itself to make it happen. We get impatient in the wait and start to doubt it and get disappointed. Recognize the feeling of disappointment and replace it with the unwavering belief that you will get it. Just like you don’t doubt that you won’t get the food you ordered at a restaurant.
  3. Receive: Believe that you already have it and start feeling it and acting like it. You need to feel what you believe in.

The point is to generate the feeling that you have it right now and that will start the creative process. You got to pay attention to what you are attracted to because that will also be attracted to you. The universe likes speed. When there is an intuitive nudge, act fast. Don’t doubt it and don’t wait to understand the complete path. Start the journey by just knowing the first 200 feet. The next 200 feet will unfold next, and then the next 200 feet and you can slowly go along.

How long will it take? Depends on how you are aligned to the universe. Universe does everything effortlessly. Small and big desires don’t matter. You provide the feeling and universe will respond. You can start with a small thing if you want but it really does not matter.

How do you turn your life around?

  1. Start writing the things you are grateful for. When you appreciate someone, they want to do the same thing again. Same is true for the universe. I feel the gratitude as I am doing my chores, really feel it. One way is to keep a rock in your pocket and whenever you touch it, go through the things that you are grateful for. Develop and attitude for gratitude. Be grateful for what you have – food, family, sunshine, money, health etc. Write down what you are grateful for and read it often.
  2. Write down what you want and keep it with you all the time. Read it every day in the morning and in the evening and many times more.
  3. Visualization is a powerful approach. When you visualize, you materialize. Mind cannot distinguish whether it is actually happening or you are just practicing it. Add some motion in your visualization because static pictures are hard to visualize. Imagine that something is happening in your visualization. If you are there in your mind, you will go there with your body. It’s the feeling that creates attraction. This is where secret turns into action.

Don’t worry about ‘How’. How is the domain of the universe. Universe reorganizes itself to fulfill your desires. Do it daily and feel exhilarated with the process. Never do it as a chore. Use law of attraction all the time. Imagination is the preview of what’s coming. When you have an inspired thought, trust it and act on it.

How can I get more money?
Believe that you have enough money and feel good about it. If you say you can’t afford it, that’s what you will get. If you want abundance, focus on abundance. Say, money comes easy. Don’t ask for money only. Ask for wealth. Ask for the inner joy first and then go for the outer things like money.

Give some money to people in need. Do it happily. Feeling of sacrifice does not work because you don’t feel good about yourself.

Spend like you have enough money. The vibration you send to the universe is that you have enough. So you attract even more. When you look at stuff you want to buy, say that you can afford it. This will make you secure about money and the universe will return the favor.

Make sure actions are mirroring what you want. No contradictions. Act as if you already got it.

Love yourself first. Attend to your joys first. Then you are a joy to be around. Then you are on a frequency that attracts people of the same frequency. If you feel bad about yourself you will attract more things and events that will make you feel bad.

Treat yourself as you expect others to treat you. Then you will feel abundant. Fall in love with yourself. Have a healthy respect for yourself.

We are always complaining about others but for relationships to work we need to focus on what we appreciate about them and that’s what you would get back. Turn a relationship around by writing down all the things you appreciate about them and read it every day.

Many times you expect others to make you happy but that does not work. Only you can control your happiness. Love everything and everyone and the universe will send more things you love.

Your actions shouldn’t contradict your desire. Focus on your qualities and universe will send more good things you like about you. Love and gratitude can dissolve any negativity in your life.

Our body is the product of our thoughts. Medical science has proven how our thoughts affect our body. The placebo effect is one proof. Mind is the biggest factor in healing.

Universe is an abundance of good health, healing, good wealth and good nature. If you open yourself to the universe you get that in your life.

Stress is the main reason of all diseases. Illness is the manifestation of one’s negative thoughts. Stress is the worst thing when you have any illness.

Immune system is supposed to heal the body if you are in good emotional state. Laughter can dissolve any disease. It is the best medicine. Healing through mind can work harmoniously with medicine. Tell the universe, “Thank you for my healing”. Watch a lot of comedy shows that make you laugh or smile.

Our cells die and generate in our body all the time. If you really think about it, within a few years, you have a completely new body. So the illness can be removed with continuous positive thinking.

If you have a disease and you are talking about it all the time, it attracts more illness. If you listen to others illness, you again attract more illness. If someone is talking about their illness, be empathetic, do whatever you can to help and change the subject. Don’t dwell on it for a long time.

Happier thoughts lead to happier biochemistry and generate happier bodies. It dissolves illness. Our bodies are being regenerated continuously. Remove physiological stress and body will do what it is supposed to do.

What you resist, you attract. Resistance is like saying I don’t want this and of course universe sends more of it back. Instead say what you want and the universe will send more of that.

Secret to the world
Anything you focus on, you create. If you are anti-war, be pro-peace. You cannot help the world by highlighting negative things. Instead focus on peace, education, food and love. Choose from the catalog of the universe. Don’t spend your energy on things that are not working. Praise and bless everything in life, even your enemies.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want. Stay informed but don’t be inundated by it. Energy flows where attention goes. It’s your job to celebrate the world. Universe offers everything to everyone. There is an unlimited supply. There is more than enough to go around.

The secret to you
You are energy. Everything is energy. Universe, galaxy, planet, individual, organs, cells, molecules and atoms, all are energy. There are a lot of physical levels but at the most basic level you are an energy field, which can probably illuminate the whole city for one week.

Ask quantum physicist what creates the world. The reply is energy. What is energy? It is neither created nor destroyed. It always exists.

Ask theologians what created the universe. Answer is god. What is god? It is always there. It cannot be created or destroyed.
Both give the same answer with different words.

There is just one energy field. We are all connected. We are distracted by our body. That just holds your spirit. You are a source of energy, which is eternal. We are an infinite field of unlimited potential. Every great tradition has told you that you have infinite potential to create anything you want.

Law of attraction is that you can begin to create feeling of harmony. You can break yourself free from social code, cultural things. But how?

Quantum physics and secret teachings are exactly the same. You vibrate energy. Energy vibrates at a frequency. Different thoughts vibrate at different frequency and attract the same frequency. You are an energy magnate. Energy can never be created or destroyed. It can only change form. So you have been always there. You are eternal energy. We are the creators of the universe. There is no limit to the human potential.

Every possibility already exists in the universe. Our mind just has to draw on it. Look around for needs waiting to be filled. Imagine fulfilling it. There is an unlimited supply of ideas to be tapped into. Everything in the universe is connected as one energy field. We are all one. That’s why your negative thoughts hurt you back because we are all one. We think of ourselves as separate. We think there is not enough for everyone so we compete. And we are competing against ourselves and we lose.

Law of attraction is the law of supply. Whenever you receive anything, you attracted it because you were tuned in to that frequency. If you look back at your life and see unfortunate things, you attract more of that. Whatever you say after ‘I am not’ or ‘I am’ is what you get back from the universe.
How do you become more aware of your thoughts? When your mind wanders, bring your thoughts to now. What am I thinking? Remember to remember.

The secret to life
Nobody told you the purpose of your life. So your purpose is what you say it is. Erase everything from the past that does not serve you and be grateful to a new beginning. You are the only one who can create a life you deserve.

The primary aim is to experience joy. If isn’t fun, don’t do it. I want to constantly put myself in the state of joy and then I create the intention of what I want and that will manifest. You will attract joy because you are radiating joy. Enjoy life. It is a magnificent trip. Let go of all thoughts of limitations and we will experience the magnificence of the human kind. The secret is within you. The more you use it the more you draw it towards you. You are the creator of your destiny. You are the master of the universe.