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Why do we like dark characters?

Written By: Ruchi - Feb• 14•13

Last week I went to a few local events, finally! Saw an English play, a Hindi play and went to Comic Con. I was desperate to go to the events but couldn’t get any company so I decided to venture out alone and it all worked out great.

I have seen a lot of plays in last few years but I have never been to Comic Con. I had heard of it only in the Big Bang Theory (BBT) ;-). Since Comic Con was like Mecca for all the nerds in BBT, when I heard about the event in Delhi, I decided to check it out. Unfortunately the most exciting part was the anticipation of the event. It was crowded, not many folks were dressed in costumes and no performances were happening. So I hung around for an hour or so, and then headed back. Got a couple of pictures though 😉
Local vegetable shop
Local vegetable shop
Then I saw an English play in Sri Ram Center for Performing Arts. It was an okay comedy. The best part was that it was free. What didn’t work for me was that they had the same scene throughout the play, which made it a little boring.
Then I saw a Hindi play by the students of National School of Drama (NSD) and it was fantastic. It was a musical comedy. The plot was interesting, the scenes were changing and the performances were fabulous. Again it was a free event. It seems like that this is a quick way for NSD to expose their students to the general public. It will be hard for them to attract 1000 people to pay for the play by amateur students. Frankly, after watching the performance, I won’t mind paying for it.

Local vegetable shop
Local vegetable shop
Traditionally at the end of the plays, the director introduces the whole cast to the audience. We have watched a lot of plays in US and now I have seen a couple of play here also and there seems to be a common pattern in the response of the audience. They applaud the most for the dark characters and the sexy dialogues. At least in US, I know that the gentry used to be well educated but I guess that did not change anything.

It can’t be human nature, we don’t like dark characters in our own lives. Then why do we appreciate them on stage?