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My Class 12 Result

Written By: ruchi - May• 31•17
The camera story

I was always the brightest student of my class growing up in Rishikesh. Since my father and brother, both graduated from IIT Roorkee, I too appeared in the entrance exam for IIT Roorkee along with my UP Board class 12 exams.

The results of the entrance exam came before IIT and I was selected. We all celebrated and eagerly started waiting for the class 12 results. At that time the results used to get declared in a separate newspaper and a very few copies of it used to get printed. The newspaper hawker used to go around showing the same newspaper to everyone in his territory and collected 5 rupees from everyone who passed and 10 rupees for a first class.
On the day of the results, the newspaper guy came to our house and showed us the newspaper. My mother and I started scanning the paper for my roll number but it was nowhere to be found. We scanned again and nothing. The newspaper guy was getting impatient because he knew he is not getting any money from this house. We were in shock. We started scanning again and suddenly my mother noticed a separate column where the top 10 students were listed and my name was third from the top. We were ecstatic. That was probably the first time when I experienced the tears of joy. The newspaper guy collected a much bigger amount and we were way too happy to oblige in any case.
I am still getting goosebumps as I am writing this years later. In 10 minutes period we had gone from expecting a first-class to failed to topped. It was scary for sure but made a great story for grandchildren, I must say.

Retirement, The Golden Time

Written By: ruchi - Apr• 01•17
Retirement, The Golden Time

Almost every working person near the retirement age today, says that they want to extend their retirement because they can’t think of themselves sitting at home and doing nothing. While it’s a noble thought, it is slightly misdirected IMHO.

We all agree that today our working life drains us completely because we have no time for ourselves, specially in a big city. We forcefully pull ourselves out of the bed in the morning, skip breakfast, spend the whole day firefighting business issues, eat lunch at odd hours, curse the system for our miseries, wade through the traffic howling at others, reach home in a bad mood, hurriedly eat dinner, finish that one last email and crash. We are not happy but we continue working because we need that money at the end of the month and there is nothing wrong with it.
However, if we are cautious and disciplined, most of us save enough money to live our life comfortably after retirement. So why would we still want to continue working even though it makes us miserable and tired? Because, we were taught to study hard the first 25 years of our life, we were taught to earn a living for the next 35 years but nobody has told us what to do for the next 30 odd years after retirement. We are completely clueless and the thought of our empty schedule scares us immensely.
But, if you really think about it, retirement is the best time of our lives. We are done with most of our responsibilities, we have saved up enough money, we now have time for ourselves and the best part is that we are still energetic.
So, embrace this change. Hug your family members without any reason, listen to them – they are actually wonderful people, call the neighbors over for tea, teach the needy children, enjoy the fragrance of the first rain with fresh pakoras, play with the kids, revive that long forgotten hobby, travel as much as you can with an open schedule, take care of your physical and mental health, do some gardening, dance to the Bollywood tunes, take your time and enjoy the daily chores, the list goes on and on.
The purpose of our lives is to be happy and spread happiness and after retirement we actually have time to do it; make the best use of it.

10 Reasons To Revive Your Cooking Skills

Written By: ruchi - Dec• 30•16
The camera story

Have you noticed these days that most well-to-do people in urban areas don’t cook for themselves? They either have a part time cook or they go out to eat or they order in. The number of people, who call themselves foodies, is increasing but these foodies only like to eat, not cook. It’s sad that cooking is fast becoming a profession, just a means to earn money.

I strongly believe in the power of cooking at home and here are my reasons:
1. It’s healthy. The reason outside food is more tasty is because it’s laced with fat and spices, which may not always be healthy. When you are cooking yourself, you can always moderate the fat and spices as per the health conditions of the family members.
2. It’s economical. There is no doubt about it that the same plate of kadhi/chawal that you get outside for Rs. 100, can be made at home for less than Rs. 25.
3. It’s more hygienic. You know that the person, who is making the food in not coughing over it, you know the ingredients are fresh, you know that the kitchen is not cockroach infested because you are doing it yourself.
4. It has better vibrations. Spirituality tells us that cooking food with good thoughts has better food value. Anyone cooking for money may not always have good thoughts while cooking and they may not even care about it.
5. Cooking skill is a boon when you are at a place, where the food of your choice is not available. For example in some remote areas or in a foreign country.
6. It unleashes your creativity. There are no set rules in cooking. You can make little changes and serve a totally different meal from the same ingredients. For example you could convert the leftover paranthas into kathi rolls and your family will love the variety.
7. Cooking can get you a lot of compliments. As they say, a man’s heart goes through his stomach.
8. To some people, it’s a therapy. They love to serve good food to others. It gives them satisfaction. It also takes their minds off from some of the issues that they may be facing in their life.
9. Cooking can be a great activity for bonding with friends and family. People remember personally made food for ages.
10. It’s a great way to show your family that you care.
I am not saying that you must cook all the time no matter what. Don’t kill yourself just to find time for cooking but yes, if you want a healthy and happy family, serving them home cooked meal is a great idea.

This can only happen in small towns

Written By: ruchi - May• 09•16
The camera story

We were on a site seeing trip of Sikkim and drove around 150 km every day. It took us anywhere from 5 to 6 hours because the roads were really bad. We took a 10 minute break every 1 hour to stretch our legs and also to rotate the seating.

In one such break while going from Gangtok to Lachung, we were just chatting and taking pictures, when suddenly the traffic started to pile up on the highway because of our parked cab. The driver called us to cut short the break because of the jam. We agreed and hurriedly came back and drove away.
Driver stopped the cab some 30 minutes away at Mangan, a small town. He showed us a restaurant where we could eat and relax so we had a leisurely one hour lunch and walked back to the cab. As we were getting in, one of our friends realized that he didn’t have his camera. We all searched the cab and the restaurant and there was no sign of it. And then we realized that perhaps we left it at the last break point because we hurriedly got into the car.
We were depressed. Not only the camera was lost but a lot of pictures in it were lost too. We started thinking if we should go back or call someone coming in that direction to check etc. The taxi driver said that someone must have definitely picked up the camera by now because it had already been one and a half hours. Interestingly he also said that everyone on that highway was going to Lachung and Lachung is a small place so we will get it back there. We didn’t believe him for a second, we thought that he was saying it just because he did not want to go back.
As we were discussing our options, some more cabs started to come from the same direction and our driver started to ask them if they had the camera and lone behold the third taxi he asked actually had it. We were ecstatic.
The Koreans travelling in that cab were getting out when we were hurriedly getting into the cab on the last break point. They saw us leaving the camera behind and picked it up. Their taxiwala told them that all cabs on this highway were going to Lachung so they will find the right owner there. They checked the pictures in the camera to ensure that they deliver it to the right owner and the moment they saw us some 2 hours later, they knew that it was our camera.
Coming from Delhi, this was a refreshing experience. I could not have imagined this scenario even in my dreams. The people in small town still live simple and clean lives. May God bless them and bestow some of that in big cities also.

Coincidence or Power of Mind

Written By: ruchi - May• 09•16
Fire Flies

I have been watching a TV serial called “Siya Ke Ram” based on the epic Ramayana for the last few months. On Ram Navami in April, they showed an episode in which Sita wishes Ram a Happy Birthday by releasing the Jugnus or Fireflies in the air from her aanchal. It was mesmerizing. Evoked a lot of childhood memories when we used to see Jugnus every single day in the summers. Unfortunately the urbanization of the whole land has pushed them away and for the last 35 years I haven’t seen any of them.

Anyways, the episode was soon forgotten. A few days after the episode, out of the blue, one of our friends roped us in for a Sikkim trip and we left the following week. We flew into the Baghdogra airport and drove to Sukna cantonment area, where our friends had arranged for a night halt. After settling in, all of us were taking a leisurely stroll in the evening when I mentioned the Jugnu episode to my friends. We were all telling stories of how we used to capture Jugnus and put them in a jar or how sometimes they got into our mosquito net at night while sleeping outside etc. We must have walked a few more steps and we were dumb stuck. There was a grassland full of Jugnus right in front of us.
I hadn’t seen Jugnus in 35 years, then I see the Siya Ke Ram episode, out of the blue I get roped into a trip, our friends arrange for a night halt in the cantonment area near a dense forest, I mention this to my friends and there they are, right in front of us. How did this happen? Was it just a coincidence? I highly doubt it.
Was it that I wanted to see it so badly that the situation presented accordingly? But if that’s the case then how come it does not happen for everything else we desire? What was different in this wish from all other wishes that we have in our lives? Is it that most our wishes normally have some side effects, which we are unable to comprehend and cosmos helps us by not fulfilling them and this wish was an innocent one which cosmos had no objection to?